To pursue the principles

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Fairness,

companies an easy-to-use controlling and regulation systems.
If you are unsure whether the existing systems still meet your needs, or do you wish to improve your current situation, then please contact us. We can assist you in designing your corporate governance.

Risk Management

Companies are faced with a multiple of possible risks. At the same time arising opportunities that can be used to improve the competitive position. A systematic approach to the discovery, analysis, evaluation and communication of critical risks and opportunities serves as a basis of good corporate governance.
We are glad to assist you in customizing your risk or opportunity management system.


Companies need to consider internal and external requirements (laws and regulations) of all stakeholders on a regular basis. An effective implementation and maintenance as well as good communication of established compliance system offer following opportunities:

  • trust of stakeholders
  • Increased motivation of employees
  • Improved financing conditions and insurance premiums

We are glad to assist you in designing your compliance system.